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Bio-coding Against Smoking

How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Stop trying, just quit.

Bio-coding Against Smoking

We are offering a unique, simple yet effective method proven by 16 years of successful practice. It is not relying on hypnosis or suggestion. Through your subconsciousness we will show you that not smoking is easier than you had thought. Should craving for a cigarette or just a thought of smoking appear within a year from the bio-coding, you are entitled to undergo the process again – with no charge.

If – after undergoing the bio-coding - you get into a stressful situation and decide to light a cigarette, please, do contact us. Cigarettes are not to be used as stress-killers! Stop taking the resolution to stop smoking. Just come and bring two cigarettes along.

  • Fee for the bio-coding session: 250,- EUR


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