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It Is Easy Not to Smoke

Recepty prima napadu | 6/2009

"It´s no big deal that Hornicek does not smoke - provided he does not like smoking," Milos Kopecky, a famous Czech actor, used to say. He himself never managed to quit smoking, as well as millions other people worldwide who have been unsuccessfully trying to give up the bad habit. Nevertheless, the psychologist Rostislav Prokopjuk claims that not to smoke is easy. He dares to help you get rid of smoking during a single session!


A few years ago the writer Jachym Topol called him a shaman – with all respect. Prokopjuk himself refuses any ties with esoterica and describes his own practice as “traditional psychology employing non-traditional means. But really, do not all truly good doctors, scientists, artists etc. embody something of shamanism? Do not all of them employ something extra that is hard to define and that exceeds mere intuition?

Smoking Is Submission

On the cover of the recently published book by Mr. Prokopjuk whose title claims "It Is Easy Not to Smoke" you can read: "He Made Celebrities Quit. He´ll Help You as Well." It´s not just a cheap advertisement trick because - admit it or not - people often feel it as a support to their efforts when they find out that a well know person had fought the same problem as them – and overcame it. In that sense, Mr. Prokopjuk has made a great experience with actress Jirina Bohdalova. Just the fact that she publicly announced that she had given up smoking made several other people achieve the same goal. Mr. Prokopjuk quotes one of such men in his book. And the friends of Jirina Bohdalova recall a story from the "smoking times" of the famous actress. It took place in the airport hall before departure to Cambodia. "Where am I going? Why am I going there? In the plane they will not allow me to smoke. I should have rather gone to my countryside cottage, there I could have smoked freely..." lamented Bohdalova sitting unhappily on her suitcases.

Cigarette Artifact

When you enter the office of Mr. Prokopjuk, you´ll be startled by unpleasant cigarette smoke odor lingering in the air and by a solid ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. “Careful, it took me some time to arrange it this artistic way,” says the psychologist, and it is just partly a joke. If I were his client he would have asked me now to light a cigarette. My last one. Then we would have started talking about my smoking and not smoking.

As a non-smoker, I have to do with the stories of the others. They are countless. A patient named Karel wrote to Mr. Prokopjuk: "No matter what the Doubting Thomases say, I know I would not have been able to stop smoking without your help. The fear that I could be without cigarettes for a longer period of time, even for the rest of my life, disappeared totally after my visit at your office. I threw the packet of cigarettes to a trash bin on the way from you and was fully enjoying the euphoria that I do not have to smoke anymore. I realized I do not even have to make the traditional smoking brake on the way back to my town. It has been more than two weeks since I stopped smoking. In the neighboring office, there is a young girl who smokes. I do not mind it, as well as I did not mind working with other smoking people last week..."

Try It Yourself

As a non-smoker, I can just try to imagine what is in the core of Prokopjuk´s shamanism. Maybe it is his ability to persuade and lead you to believing that you have much bigger control over yourself than you have ever thought. After all, try it yourself. You can call him not only if you want to stop smoking, but also if you face other psychological problems. This was actually how the way of Rostislav Prokopjuk from Ukraine to the Czech Republic started in the early 90´. By then he was advising the listeners of a Kiev-based radio station how to deal with different psychological problems. Two Czech businessmen were so persuaded by the show that they offered him the opportunity to carry out his activities in the Czech Republic. In the following years he worked within the whole country and visited more Czech and Moravian towns and townlets than most of the Czech citizens did. Recently he opened his Health Center Aura in Prague where you can reach him. Those who seek his help are entitled to a whole year of free consultations should the first session prove not successful enough.

Ivana Hudcova, Recepty prima napadu

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