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TV show - Jak na to | Rostislav Prokopjuk and Jirina Bohdalova
Baptism Book | Rostislav Prokopjuk and Michael Kocab
TV show - Vsechnoparty | Rostislav Prokopjuk and Boris Hybner

Follow me, yet do not expect an miracles from me. I will teach you to become a miracle yourself.

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References from newspapers and magazines

It Is Easy Not to Smoke

Recepty prima napadu | 6/2009

"It´s no big deal that Hornicek does not smoke - provided he does not like smoking," Milos Kopecky, a famous Czech actor, used to say. He himself never managed to quit smoking, as well as millions other people worldwide who have been unsuccessfully trying to give up the bad habit...  | more...

Doctor: A smoking Svengali

The Prague Post | 16.1.2008

The first time I heard of Rostislav Prokopjuk was when a Czech acquaintance mentioned that he had managed to stop smoking for six months following a visit to a Prague clinic run by a Ukrainian doctor...  | more... [PDF]

TV references

Show "Jak na to"

Ceska televize | 2002

Rostislav Prokopjuk with Jirina Bohdalova in show of Czech television "Jak na to"  | more...

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